Do You Burn ?


  1. Fellow
  2. Under Awnings
  3. Do You Burn
  4. Alder Tree I
  5. Love Walked In
  6. California
  7. Flapping Wings
  8. Red Can of Paint
  9. All Along The Eaves
  10. Out On The Water
  11. Out Of The Rain
  12. Wandering Jew
  13. Alder Tree II



Do You Burn ?

Release date:

Annie Lewandowski : vocals/ prepared piano/ keyboard/ guitar
John Dieterich: guitars/ bass
Thomas Bonvalet: harmonica reeds/ six string banjo/ amps/ microphones/ feet tapping/ hand clapping/ tuning forks/ concertina/ guitar/ dry poppy pods/ whistlings

Recorded and mixed by Annie Lewandowski, John Dieterich, Thomas Bonvalet, and Ben Piekut, January 2012
Mastered by John Dieterich
Album artwork by Leslie Brack

© Murailles Music / Africantape 2013